Mick Foley on wrestlers he would like to have a match with

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Mick Foley on wrestlers he would like to have a match with

In his podcast, Mick Foley talked about today's wrestlers and who he would like to face in the ring. There are many big names that have 'caught the eye' of Foley. It would be interesting to watch the 'prime' of Foley with today's wrestlers.

Who would be better? “Oh man, I love I would love to work with Moxley,” he said, as quoted by pwmania.com. “Bray Wyatt, I imagine the promos can be really cool. I always liked working with people who had polar opposite styles to mine, and then putting a little of my own style into it.

So somebody like Darby Allin would have been great to work with. Ricochet, if he had had a hot program coming out of the gate, I think it would have made a big difference that there. Man, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have one of those great marriages quickly and establish a lot of guys, I think that was the only thing missing [for Ricochet], that great rivalry right out of the gate”.

Mick Foley: “I didn’t hate it, the chokeslam was difficult"

Foley recalled his great match against The Undertaker in 1996. It was a great match, and Foley has some interesting memories from that period. “I didn’t hate it, the chokeslam was difficult, because unlike say, like a suplex, you are absorbing that impact from your shoulders all the way down your lower back, through the buttocks and your feet, right,” Foley said.

“A chokeslam basically, you’re taking all the impact on, you know, a small section of your back, especially in the old WWE rings before they changed them a few months after the sell. Just taking a chokeslam, if you land on one side or the other just slightly, you would feel it for a few days”.

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