Vince Russo on Baron Corbin having a female manager

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Vince Russo on Baron Corbin having a female manager

Vince Russo spoke on the Legion of Raw podcast about Baron Corbin and the fact that Corbin could have a female manager. “Here’s what I don’t understand. Think really, really about this, bro. You’ve got a 3-hour show, and you’ve got a 2-hour show on Friday.

You got God knows how many wrestlers on the roster. Can I ask you one simple question? How is there not one sexy, attractive woman on the show who’s a non-wrestler? Bro, there’s not one. Why couldn’t that type of person be with Baron Corbin? And maybe she’s a gold digger because, you know, tie anyone all the money.

How could there not be one sexy, attractive female in three hours that is not a wrestler? How is that possible?” Eva Marie is the ideal solution for him. “She’d be phenomenal man. She’d get him more heat than Jbl.

It’s just we can have attractive, pretty sexy women on the show anymore? Is it not allowed because of the ratings? I don’t get it, bro. It’s a 3-hour show.

Vince Russo on Jey Uso

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, he talked about Jey Uso and believes that Uso deserves an extra chance and to show everyone his qualities.

“But now Sami is playing a character on a wrestling show, and he’s different, and he’s very, very entertaining. Now, if I looked at the cards that I have, Sami doesn’t need to be a champion. He’s over.

If he continues to do what he’s doing, he’ll be over. I think Jey needs it”. “I think at this point, if we looked at Sami’s way over, Roman’s way over, so if you look at the big picture, Jey probably needs it more.

So in this story, I would really concentrate on how to get Jey Uso over and get him to the next level and make [him] as valuable as the other two. That’s what I would do”.

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