Road Dogg about job in WWE: I was praying and believing


Road Dogg about job in WWE: I was praying and believing

Road Dogg spoke to The Military News about his return to WWE. Triple H was the one who called him. Road Dogg didn't expect it to come to that, but he prayed to God to make his wish come true. Patience paid off in the end. “It was all an incredible story with divine intervention for sure.

I was released in January 2022 and I had nine months of severance pay because I was a full time employee for a decade. Literally the month the severance pay was due to end, Paul (Levesque, Chief Content Officer for WWE) or Hunter as most people know him, called me and asked me if I wanted to come back.

It was incredible and that’s why I say it was divine intervention. I do believe it was God looking out for me even when I was worried and was not being faithful. At the same time, I was thinking, the right thing will happen.

I was praying and believing. And it did happen, it was not what I was expecting”. - Road Dogg said, as quoted by

Road Dogg on his job

He is now the head of live events. He is happy with his job and you can feel that he enjoys what he does.

The most important thing is that his job is not difficult.
“It’s very time consuming. It’s not a difficult job, it’s basically following creative on television and making sure the live events match that creative.

I have to come up with some creative, like some angles for the live events, just putting together creative and the matches and coming up with the finish, so it’s all the creative of the live events. Every now and then I have to stray from the formula but it’s really just following what creative they are doing on television and making sure the live events replicate that”.

Road Dogg