Scott Hall's Contract Clause About WWE Stars Jumping

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Scott Hall's Contract Clause About WWE Stars Jumping

When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash left the WWE to join WCW, they shook the entire wrestling world. At that time the WWE and the WCW were bitter rivals. In fact, many people believe that WCW would have eventually put the WWE out of business if they did not take some of the bad decisions that they did which led to them recording huge losses.

It is also widely believed that backstage politics led to the downfall of WCW.

Scott Hall's Agents Reveal Details About Scott Hall's Lucrative WCW Contract

Even though WCW is long gone, many people remember it fondly, and many AEW fans are former WCW fans.

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall joined WCW in 1996. They eventually went on to create the New World Order with Hulk Hogan, which became the most popular professional wrestling heel faction in the world at one time. Scott Hall’s former agent Barry Bloom recently appeared on the Talk is Jericho podcast.

Over there, he revealed certain details about Scott Hall’s contract. Apparently, Scott would've made a lot of money if certain WWE had joined WCW during Scott’s run with WCW. "I got Scott something else in the deal," Bloom said.

"If anybody, except for Hogan, I listed The Undertaker, I listed Kevin Nash, I listed, there was no Goldberg yet, but I listed Bret Hart. There was a list of people there that if they came in, WCW would have to match the salary ...

other than Hogan." Bloom originally worked with Scott for a long time. Due to the popularity of the NWO, Bloom was able to get many other clients. One of those clients was Kevin Nash, and Bloom began working with Nash while Nash was working for WCW.

"I didn't start working with Kevin until later on when it was time to renegotiate for Scott and Kevin together," Bloom said. "They decided, obviously, hell of a duo here. They'd come in May and June for WCW, created the NWO, and then, just took a matter of time where they realized they need to be paid more and well-deservedly so.

So, that's when I met Kevin and then, of course, we started to all work together." Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash eventually returned to the WWE, after WCW folded. They were a heel faction in the WWE and regularly took out the most popular stars of the WWE at that time. WWE eventually destroyed the NWO via bad booking decisions.