Robert Roode underwent delicate surgery

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Robert Roode underwent delicate surgery

Robert Roode (or Bobby Roode, as his longtime fans from his TNA days still prefer to call him) hasn't competed in a single wrestling match since June, but many fans were hoping that now that Triple H is in charge of the creative process, he would appear on the scene again.

His distance from the WWE rings, however, is not due to managerial choices but to some quite important physical problems. He explained it himself with a first post on Instagram which clarified his conditions. In fact, Robert Roode no longer appears in WWE because he is not yet medically cleared to wrestle, so much so that he recently underwent surgery.

It's still difficult to establish the timing of his recovery, but (also considering his 46 years of age) it is unlikely that he will return to the ring anytime soon. Many, after his surgical operation in the month of September, thought that by now Robert had solved all his problems, but instead this was not the case, given that the athlete recently returned to his social networks to reveal how he had to undergo yet another surgical operation, which would have allowed him to move his neck again in a completely natural way, something he was no longer able to do before.

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With a second post very similar to the first of a few months ago, Robert Roode himself wanted to share the experience of his umpteenth surgical operation, which this time should have really solved his problems for a few months now.

With a post of thanks to his doctors, Bobby Roode wanted to let his fans know that he had undergone a fusion of two cervical vertebrae, namely the C-5 and the C-6, an operation which Big E also seemed to have to resort to after the double fracture suffered in an episode of Smackdown a few months ago.

At the moment we don't know how much longer it will take for him to return to fighting in the WWE rings, but it is thought that Roode will be out of the scene for a few more months, before he can return even just to take a few bumps in the company's rings of the McMahons.

EC3 recently discussed why Bobby Roode, who goes by the ring name Robert Roode, has been absent from WWE programming of late. EC3 then speculated that the veteran performer could be hurt or may have sustained an injury that has sidelined him.

"Gentleman, great to talk to, immediate affection, handsome as hell, just great. If I could be one person that's not Jon Ham behind me, it's gonna be Bobby Roode. I think he's hurt, or he's had an injury."

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