WWE is ready to return to India

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WWE is ready to return to India

The Indian market continues to prove to be one of the most lucrative for WWE. Superstar Spectacle, an all-Indian event that aired on 26 January last year to celebrate Republic Day, was an unprecedented success in terms of ratings.

According to current President and CEO Nick Khan during a post-event investor conference call, the show was seen by more than 20 million people in India. Now, apparently, WWE would have had the idea of re-proposing this show shortly, with January 2023 being the designated date to bring the entire roster of the Stamford federation back to Indian soil.

As reported by the Sportskeeda website, WWE plans to bring a Big Show to Hyderbad, India, with the date possibly being January 18th. The roster expected to take part in the event was reported to be "a mix of Superstars, both Indian and International".

It seems that WWE could also call athletes from other federations for this event, the important thing is that they are Indian.

WWE wants to go back to India

From 2023, it seems that WWE wants to hold many more international events outside the USA, as stated by Triple H himself in some of his latest interviews and as also recently discussed by Stephanie McMahon, WWE President and CEO who also seems to aim to the Australian market.

According to PWInsider, it seems that the January 18 date for the show in India is now confirmed by the Stamford-based company itself. Obviously it is specified that the show has not yet been officially announced by WWE, but it seems to be scheduled as a show linked to the Smackdown brand.

The show would be WWE's first live event in India since December 2017, as Superstar Spectacle was held in the Thunderdome, in front of a digital and non-physical audience as it normally should be, but sadly the COVID pandemic has forced WWE to adapt.

as he could to still bring the show on stage. That said, the timing is close to India's Republic Day (January 26th), and hence, one can make the educated assumption that it'll be on similar lines. Lacey Evans has wrestled in just seven televised matches since returning to action in April this year.

"Yeah, I hope so [Evans responded when Brandi said she hopes to see her soon]. I mean, some stuff may be in the works. I just gotta keep working hard and when they’re ready for me, I have to be ready so, you know how it is.

I’m just waiting on that phone call. Good or bad, good or bad, it’s a phone call man. You just gotta be ready [Evans laughed]."