Former WWE star analyzes Randy Orton's injury

Randy Orton has demonstrated a longevity that has very few equals in this business

by Simone Brugnoli
Former WWE star analyzes Randy Orton's injury

Randy Orton has demonstrated a longevity that has very few equals in this business, as well as being the youngest world champion in WWE history. The Viper was experiencing something of a second youth alongside Matt Riddle, before a serious back injury forced him away from the ring.

The 14-time world champion has been absent for several months and his future is more uncertain than ever. The 'Legend Killer' tried to solve the problem through conservative therapy, without however obtaining the desired results.

Randy then underwent fusion surgery on his lower back, hoping to extend his career. There were rumors that Orton would be back at Royal Rumble 2023, but it's really impossible to make any predictions at this point. In the latest edition of his now famous podcast, former WWE star Rene Dupree stated that Randy Orton's physiognomy has 'weighed' on the back injury that threatens to end his career.

Rene Dupree on Randy Orton

“Well, back injuries are some of the worst ever for a professional wrestler. The point is that Randy Orton has wanted to maintain a very lean physique throughout his career. This choice guaranteed him an uncommon longevity, but it also forced him to undergo numerous surgeries.

Orton has had shoulder surgery several times and now his back is giving him trouble. I think his physical structure has taken a toll on these injuries” – explained Dupree. Even former SmackDown general manager Teddy Long spoke of the Viper: “If he fails to continue his career as a wrestler, he could become a mentor.

There are a lot of young talent in WWE that need to learn and Randy would be right up their alley. I think Orton would be absolutely fantastic in that role. He could help the guys fully express their talent and make their way in WWE”.

We just have to wait for further developments. Randy Orton's back injury has kept him out of a WWE ring for quite some time. Angle believes that this surgery will likely save The Viper's WWE career. "Your back controls everything.

You can't do anything when your back is hurting," Kurt Angle said. "I'll give you an example. Randy Orton just had surgery on his back. He literally couldn't do anything, and this surgery is hopefully saving his career. But that's how much back problems can affect you as a pro wrestler." The photo saw Kim and Randy together in the hospital, with The Viper looking like he had recently undergone surgery.

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