Dutch Mantell reflects on Big Show

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Dutch Mantell reflects on Big Show

The devastating effects of the global pandemic and the sensational retirement of Vince McMahon have caused a giant jolt within the WWE. Vince and his right-hand man John Laurinaitis had to step aside, having been overwhelmed by heavy allegations of misconduct.

The now former Chairman of the company announced his farewell last July, leaving both fans and insiders speechless. Vince's place was taken by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H became the new head of the creative team.

The 14-times world champion brought back several stars who had been released during the pandemic, as well as making some major show changes. Over the past two and a half years, quite a few wrestlers have left WWE to move to All Elite Wrestling.

Among these, it is impossible not to mention Paul Wight (Big Show). The former WWE Champion surprised the world by making his AEW debut last year. In the latest edition of the 'Story Time' podcast, Dutch Mantell said that WWE did not handle Big Show well in the latter part of his career.

Dutch Mantell opens up on Big Show

“Unlike other athletes, Big Show had no intention of leaving WWE. He moved to All Elite Wrestling because he was 'forced' WWE didn't understand that a giant like Big Show couldn't perform on TV every week,” Dutch Mantell explained.

“It was necessary to sip his appearances and value all his interventions in the ring. It would have been useful to have a manager alongside him in the latter part of his career. If WWE had done these things, Big Show would have stayed 100%” - he added.

Dutch also spoke of the new course initiated by Triple H: “I was told that morale backstage is much higher since The Game. HHH knows how to listen to athletes and it's much easier to talk to him. Under previous management, he was all about Vince McMahon's mood." Dutch Mantell believes Nick Khan might have played a significant role in Vince McMahon's retirement decision.

"Well, I think that Nick Khan was inserted into the company, and I said this a long time ago. I think he was inserted there to get Vince out," said Dutch Mantell. "Now, somehow, all these NDAs leaked from Titan Towers to the Wall Street Journal.

Now, how did they get leaked? They had to leak from the inside, and I'm not accusing anybody; I want to make that clear. But how did they leak it out from Stamford?"