Seth Rollins does a beautiful tribute


Seth Rollins does a beautiful tribute

On December 26, 2020, the professional wrestling world said goodbye to one of the most loved and respected people in the business, Brodie Lee. The sudden death of the performer shocked the world. The man unfortunately left a wife and two fantastic children, one of which we obviously know well because he is -1 of the Dark Order.

From the moment of the announcement of his death, up to today, when the anniversary of his death occurs or not, people, including colleagues and friends, have done nothing but speak highly of him, praising him every time he is mentioned and it was no different when WWE stopped off yesterday with a live event in Rochester, the hometown of the former Luke Harper, when Seth Rollins took a few minutes to greet his friend.

Seth Rollins pays tribute to Brodie Lee

Shooting the video and posting it on the internet was a girl named Ella Jay, who deals with talking about wrestling, purely female, who, present during the event, wanted to share with everyone the beautiful words of Seth Rollins, a great friend by the late Brodie Lee.

In the video, we hear the Drip God say, “Mr. Brodie Lee grew up here. This is truly the first time I've been here with a mic in hand, in his town, to talk about how much I miss and love him. I just wanted to say that tonight is dedicated to him.

Whenever we're in Rochester, in my heart, it means we're here for him." It goes without saying that the video went viral and that the audience there warmly supported the words of Seth Rollins, rallying once again around the people who knew Brodie in person, or in any case paying homage to his memory with some cheers and applause, because in the end end of the day, even if we are just fans who support wrestlers, even if they don't know it, they do so much for us.

Hi Brodie, we miss you. Seth Rollins has disclosed details about the time that Triple H threatened to fire him from WWE if his attitude did not improve. “Terry is very old school in the sense that he thinks a certain way works, and part of that ideology is sort of shunning what is up and coming instead of embracing it," said Rollins.

"And I was always like, ‘Hey, the business is changing. You’ve gotta go with it. If you go against it, it’s not gonna help.’ I would just challenge him in little ways every day to the point where I was insubordinate, and Hunter [Triple H] took me aside and was like, ‘Look, I don’t see anything special in you...."

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