Huge WWE star pays tribute to Umaga


Huge WWE star pays tribute to Umaga

Over the years, there is talk of decades of difference between the first members and the last, the most disparate components of the great Anoa'i dynasty have alternated in the WWE rings, the largest family of Samoan origins that pro-wrestling ever seen, a bit like the Hart family in Canada or the Guerrero family in Mexico.

Over the years, in fact, in the WWE rings we have seen characters of the caliber of Afa & Sika, the Usos, Yokozuna, Rikishi, Umaga, The Rock, Nia Jax, Roman Reigns and many other athletes who descend from the huge family tree of the Anoa'i, who have lent the world of discipline many prominent talents, who for the most part have done at least one stint in the McMahon rings, to then be successful or be released.

Two of these talents that WWE Universe fans will surely remember the most are undoubtedly Rikishi and Umaga, blood brothers who descend from the married couple formed by Vera Anoa'i and Solofa Fatu and who for years fought in the McMahon rings at great levels, even winning important matches and titles in the Stamford rings.

Unfortunately for his fans and family, however, Umaga died at the age of only 36, in 2009, of a heart attack due to taking various drugs, which stopped his heart.

Jey Uso pays tribute to Umaga

Yesterday, the thirteenth anniversary of the death of former WWE Superstar, Umaga, fell with the nephew and current tag team champion of the McMahon company, Jey Uso currently engaged in the storyline of the Bloodline, who wanted to pay tribute to his uncle of blood, with a post on his personal Instagram profile.

Jey, in addition to having posted a photo of his uncle, also wanted to show the tattoo he got on his leg, dedicated to Umaga, with the caption of the photos that reads: "December 4th is a sad day. It's when all the great memories resurface.

I love you man." WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg has given his thoughts on Roman Reigns and The Usos holding multiple championships in the company. On a recent episode of Oh... You Didn't Know podcast, Road Dogg gave his thoughts on the stable holding multiple titles: “We will see if it’s turn the channel heat or just screw you heat,” Road Dogg said. “I notice they sell a lot of t-shirts too, so I am not the only one thinking they’re cool”.