Kevin Nash asks for help in memory of his son

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Kevin Nash asks for help in memory of his son

Unfortunately, on October 20, we reported that Kevin Nash's son, Tristen, passed away after the wrestler had recently lost his dear old friend Scott Hall, who would have had a birthday on day of the death of Tristen, a boy who was only 26 years old.

Sean Ross Sapp, journalist of Fightful, had shared this message on Twitter: “On behalf of Kevin and Tamara Nash, I unfortunately have to report that their son Tristen Nash has tragically passed away at the age of 26.

Tristen had recently started working on Kevin's podcast and the two were enjoying it together. The Nash family has kindly asked that their privacy be respected at this time."

Kevin Nash is a WWE legend

Yesterday, i.e. December 3, 2022, Kevin Nash entered Twitter to make a very important request to all his fans or in any case to those who were willing to listen to him and help him.

In fact, the NWO member wrote: “I never asked for anything. But I'm asking everyone who is willing to subscribe to do so for my “Kliq This” podcast. My son passed away 6 weeks ago and he wanted to hit 100k subscribers so he could have a YouTube plaque.

I'd like to put it next to his urn. Thank you." This request obviously didn't go unnoticed and people started not only sharing the tweet to help Nash but also of course subscribing to the podcast channel as kindly requested by the legend and eventually the number was reached.

Nash at that point thanked everyone: “I could not thank you enough. I love you all. I know he saw it. You made my year better. It will be part of his life. You made me cry. Again with all my heart THANK YOU!!” We are happy that the number has been reached, but if you also want to support Kevin and his family and his project, you know what to do.

WWE legend DDP lavished praise on Kevin Nash, who he feels is one of the best big man workers in pro wrestling history and thinks was the right candidate to end Goldberg's Streak. "The Streak had to be ended. He should've taken the Diamond Cutter [from DDP].

I wasn't a big fan of the prod even though it came from Scott [Hall]. I would rather have seen Kev [Kevin Nash] beat him. I mean, Kev is the guy who could beat him [Goldberg]. I personally think he needed to be beat clean."