Huge WWE star slams Roman Reigns

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Huge WWE star slams Roman Reigns

Over the past year, wrestler Roman Reigns has increasingly assumed total control within the WWE. The Tribal Chief bested virtually anyone who stood in his way, destroying all rivals and dominating the McMahon family company.

WWE handed the titles of its two shows to the wrestler, a title that later became unified and which distinguishes Roman as the best of the show. Given Roman's dominance in the WWE, many wondered if the wrestler was the best ever.

Everyone has their own opinion about it and in the last few minutes on social media a WWE star has expressed his opinion. It all started through the Stanford company's Twitter channels. WWE's Twitter handle has asked fans to name the biggest star of all time and wrestler Ricochet has no doubts about it.

Ricochet also commented and to Roman Reigns he replied with a thinking face and raised eyebrows. Subsequently he published the Gif of The Rock, considered by Ricochet as the best wrestler of all time. Ricochet had no doubts about it and ruled by responding, among other things, to some fans who had doubts about the choice of him.

Great social interaction with every WWE fan who has ruled on the best wrestler ever. From Tue Rock to Roman Reigns, up to the 'older' Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.

Backstage news on Roman Reigns

Looking at the responses it should be noted that most of the fans supported the opinion of the wrestler.
Ricochet recently released an interview where he talked about the possibility of The Rock beating Roman Reigns and winning both belts.

Here are his words about it: "I think this happens because The Rock is the best in the world. If not him, who will dethrone Roman? He's on an extraordinary journey, I'd love to stop him but I think in the end only The Rock can do that and stop his incredible run." On a recent episode of the Busted Open podcast, Tommy Dreamer mentioned — before Crown Jewel — that Gunther could fill a massive role when WrestleMania 39 takes place: "It was great [Gunther vs.

Rey Mysterio]. It helped Gunther because we're talking about Roman Reigns. We're talking about Logan Paul. If Roman Reigns beats him, eventually — then I say the person they have to go to is Gunther versus Roman at 'Mania. Because then I'm like, 'Who else can do it?' And I don't know who else can do it."