Former WWE star talks about Shelton Benjamin


Former WWE star talks about Shelton Benjamin

In one of the last episodes of Main Event a few weeks ago, in the WWE secondary program, Shelton Benjamin, the company's historic athlete who has now been working for the McMahons since the early 2000s, even if he was absent from the federation for a period after the his release, he became the protagonist of a very intense promo, which left fans very thoughtful about his future in the rings of the Stamford company.

In his promo, Shelton Benjamin spoke with R-Truth, with the two who had now become an official tag team in the rings of the WWE secondary program (before the injury of the former 24/7 Champion in NXT). Shelton had spoken of the fact that many have always told him to be more serious in the rings than the Stamford federation, otherwise he would never have been able to aspire to big prizes, given that he hasn't won a title for years now.

His promo eventually ended with the phrase "I used to be Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin but now I'm just Shelton" Apparently, WWE is serious about the two, with Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth soon could even aspire to something more on the main roster, only to see Truth's injury in NXT which probably slowed everything down.

Matt Hardy comments on Shelton Benjamin

In the last episode of his The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the former WWE ECW champion wanted to open up the Shelton Benjamin topic after years, trying to explain with his thoughts why such a capable and technical athlete has never won a major title in WWE, saying: "I think if WWE had a young Shelton Benjamin today, that would change a lot.

At the time, they were looking for imposing personalities, that the public could remember even outside the ring and I think Shelton unfortunately never had this quality. They knew, athletically, he was incredible. He was really unreal.

So I think nowadays, that would change, it would definitely go higher than he went when he joined the company." According to Matt Hardy, therefore, Shelton Benjamin was just unlucky to enter WWE 20 years ago and Not today.

Taking to Twitter, Benjamin responded to a tweet that claimed that he was the godfather to both of Lesnar's oldest twins. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion denied the same but admitted that he is the godfather to Charlie Haas' oldest daughter. "No, I am not The Godfather of Brock’s sons. I am The Godfather of @CharlieHaas oldest Daughter."

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