*Spoiler* Elias was brutally attacked

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*Spoiler* Elias was brutally attacked

During the Monday Night Raw episode aired tonight, we should have seen a tag team match valid for the Undisputed WWE Tag team Championship currently held by the twin brothers The Usos, who should have put their belts up for grabs in a contest against Matt Riddle and Elias, as already made official a few days ago by WWE itself, through its social pages.

During the night, however, Solo Sikoa and the Bloodline saw fit to attack Elias backstage at the show, not allowing the WWE Drifter to take part in the match. Once the Elias case was filed, the Bloodline thought they had no more opponents, since Matt Riddle could not fight alone against the champions, but obviously they were wrong, since Riddle immediately found the replacement to insert in his titled match.

Kevin Owens replaces Elias

After seeing Elias go to the infirmary for the blows suffered at the hands of the Bloodline, Matt Riddle introduced his new partner, who according to Riddle himself was instead the first choice of the match, which the Bloodline did not know: Kevin Owens.

The WWE Prizefighter thus presented himself once again against the couple champions with whom he has had an open feud for a few weeks now and against whom he has already fought in the War Games of the Survivor Series, losing against the Samoans thanks to the help by Sami Zayn and who received the final pin from Jey Uso.

In the dispute, in the end the Usos had the upper hand, who thus kept their belts firm on their sides, while instead the feud between the Canadian and the Bloodline continues and will continue in the coming weeks, with the direct clash that could come already at the Royal Rumble with a titled match valid for Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, which seems to be in WWE's plans for the near future.

According to Vince Russo, WWE RAW Superstar Elias may be being punished for pitching his own ideas. Russo also spoke about why this could possibly be the case. Elias is the kind of guy that pitches ideas. He's always thinking about his character and week after week pitching ideas, that's who Elias is.

Bro, I'll be honest with you. Back when he was in NXT, I got a DM from him. I didn't even know who he was and he had to tell me who he was. Even then, he was picking my brain about his character.