*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley attacked a WWE executive

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*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley attacked a WWE executive

Bobby Lashley has been performing at the highest level for almost 20 years, but he has no intention of hanging up his boots. The All Mighty is experiencing something of a second youth and has shown that he can compete even with Superstars much younger than him.

The 46-year-old from Junction City is an eight-time world champion, having held the WWE Championship twice, the ECW World Championship twice, and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship four times. He also held the Intercontinental Championship twice and the United States Championship three times.

Returning to the present, Bobby gave up his last title, the United States title in the hands of Seth Rollins, mainly thanks to the interference of Brock Lesnar. The Beast appeared a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw and brutally attacked Lashley, only to have their showdown at Crown Jewel, where a controversial ending sent fans into a rage.

Bobby Lashley hits Petey Williams

During the last few weeks, Bobby Lashley has also started a feud with Seth Rollins, given the absence of Brock Lesnar from the company's rings. After seeing Rollins give up his title in the hands of Austin Theory, in that of the Survivor Series, tonight on Raw Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins became the protagonists of a real brawl, in which one of the producers of the company had the worst.

In fact, during their clash in the ring, Lashley attempted to hit Becky Lynch's husband with his devastating Spear, who moved, causing the All Mighty to hit company executive Petey Williams, who remained for several seconds down, after the devastating Spear suffered.

It is currently unknown whether Lashley and Rollins will have any consequences after this unintentional attack on Adam Pearce's colleague, but usually when a road agent or on-screen executive is hit, WWE always takes some action.

WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on a former world champion. "He’s one of the best to ever do it. Rarely makes a mistake and someone that a lot of people (myself included) can learn a lot from.

Nothing but respect!" Lashley wrote. With MVP at his side, Omos is seeking revenge on The Almighty, but must first prove his strength as he takes on the former WWE Champion in an arm wrestling contest. "Look, I don't care about any of this stuff because, at the end of the day, my title was stolen from me, and from now until I get it back, I'm kicking everybody's a** that stands in my way, I could care less.

I'm not about winning matches right now, I'm just about hurting people and making people pay for what they did to me because when it happened to me, everybody was out there cheering," said Lashley.