Kevin Nash on trademarks and money

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Kevin Nash on trademarks and money

Kliq This was an ideal opportunity for Kevin Nash to talk about certain topics. One of the topics was John Cena's name, which is trade-marketed. “It should only be able to be registered, but not trademarked. And then you would have to sign a merchandising agreement.

I don’t see how they can trademark it”. - Nash said. The nWo trademark was also a topic. Kevin Nash is clear on this point. “[WWE] owned the nWo. So we got a percentage of that from the WWE. The faction makes way more money than “Kevin Nash” does.

The nWo was the homerun. If I could pick owning either the nWo trademark solely 100%, or owning “Kevin Nash” in the realm of wrestling? I’ll take the nWo”. The WWF had to give Marvel money to take the Hulk trademark.

Kevin Nash talked about the specific figure they had to give. “It was Marvel, and [WWF] paid, I wanna say one hundred grand, to use the Hulk trademark”.


Diesel trademarking is a special story. “You know what the problem is with Diesel? So when they said they were gonna call me Diesel, I said “can we spell it with a Z?” They looked at me like I was fucking insane.

But I had lived in Europe and played basketball over in Germany. Diesel jeans were nothing in the States at that time. There wasn’t a Diesel brand. For merchandise, they always had to put Diesel “power”. They always had to put something else, they could never just put “Diesel”.

Nash also recently talked about his friendship with Gene Okerlund. “He was a 5’8″ Sean Connery. He was so great. He had the driest humor. I loved him, man. Anytime he would say, ‘Hey Nash, you want to come down after that and we’ll get a pop’, I would be like, ‘F*ck yea.’ I would belly up to the bar with him all the time”.