Bruce Prichard surprised everyone: “They did not quit, they were released"

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Bruce Prichard surprised everyone: “They did not quit, they were released"

Bruce Prichard spoke to Something To Wrestle about Tito Santana who could have been the WWF World Champion. There were chances of that happening. “Yes, there were a few guys considered. We talked about Tito, Bret, DiBiase, there were a few different people considered.

Do you go back to Savage, or do you do Warrior? We were looking for different presentation. Hogan had left so lets move it into a different direction. It came down to pretty much Bret Hart. Bret had received incredible reactions internationally.

Business was good internationally. So, lets build on that. Lets build on the guy because a lot of times the international audience would see things that they wouldn’t get in the states. We could try them out over there. What’s working: What are they buying? If they are buying it there will they buy it here? So we decided it would be Bret.

Lets give it a shot”. - he said, as quoted by British Bulldog and WWF Intercontinental Championship. Santana explained the decisions they had at the time. “The move was made very simply because Bret was the new babyface champion… We were looking for a heel champion to balance Bret out”.

The Ultimate Warrior & British Bulldog RELEASE

The Ultimate Warrior & British Bulldog caused a lot of trouble within the company, although many felt that they had decided to leave the story. “They did not quit, they were released.

It was chaotic. Things happen and you have to make changes. You give me chaos and I’m calm in chaos. They both violated the polices and were fired. That’s what it was. They didn’t quit and it wasn’t really a conversation.

Nothing we could do”. When you make bad moves and create chaos within the company, then there is nothing left but to be fired.