Jim Ross on Bulldog and substance use

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Jim Ross on Bulldog and substance use

In an interview with Grilling with JR, Jim Ross talked about the Bulldog vs. Diesel that happened some 27 years ago. Vince was furious and his reactions had always been that way. “I know [Vince] was pissed off, but I learned from working with him, that when you knew he was in a pissed off mood, you just avoid him.

I’d get it from the horse’s head, not the horse’s ass. When Vince was ready to talk about it, he did and he would. I remember him being unhappy. I don’t know if it was because the finish didn’t click, or the match was kind of clumsy.

I don’t know. But I do know that he had an issue with the presentation”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com


Substance issues was a big problem for Bulldog. He could not manage in such difficult times and it seems that he needed help much earlier than he expected.

His career had huge consequences because of it, and who knows what would have happened if the Bulldog had a different mindset. “I’ve mentioned here that when I was hiring talent, the number one box that had to be checked was realiability.

There’s a point in time during Davey’s journey that reliability became an issue. I attribute that not to Davey’s lack of love for the business, or the fact that he’d gotten lazy all of a sudden; I think the substance abuse was really a hindrance.

Sometimes talents pick the substances over their career. Davey was spectacular. It’s sad that there wasn’t enough help, there wasn’t enough knowledge of drugs, and how to get clean, things to that nature. There’s so much more information out there on drugs now.

It was just a different world back then. He needed in-patient care, in my opinion, earlier than he got it”.