Latest news on Randy Orton's future

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Latest news on Randy Orton's future

Randy Orton made his WWE debut way back in 2002, later becoming the youngest world champion in the company's history. The Viper was a constant presence for two decades, establishing himself as one of the best performers of all time.

The 'Legend Killer' was living a sort of second youth alongside Matt Riddle, with whom he had formed a bizarre and at the same time intriguing bond. Many fans and insiders even thought that Randy could claim his 15th world title, but a serious back injury forced him to take a break.

Orton has been inactive since last May and the latest news on his condition does not leave too much room for optimism. The former WWE Champion has in fact undergone a fusion surgery on his lower back and his future is more uncertain than ever.

The injury is quite serious and it is not certain that Randy will be able to fight again next year.

Latest news on Randy Orton

It is no coincidence that experts have begun to wonder what Randy Orton's role in the company could be if he does not return to the ring.

'The Viper' could work backstage, putting his experience at the service of young talents like Shawn Michaels did. Alternatively, The Master of the RKO could be looking to make it into film by following in the footsteps of Batista, John Cena, and The Rock.

It cannot be ruled out that Orton decides to stop altogether to spend more time with his family. In the latest edition of his podcast, Rene Dupree had some interesting thoughts on Randy: “Well, back injuries are among the worst ever for a professional wrestler.

The point is, Orton has wanted to maintain a very lean physique throughout his career. This choice guaranteed him an uncommon longevity, but it also forced him to undergo numerous surgeries. Orton has had shoulder surgery several times and now his back is giving him trouble.

His physical structure has had a weight on these injuries." Roman Reigns is one of the most dominating champions in WWE history who has taken down many stars on his way to the top. However, Ric Flair believes Randy Orton could be the ideal opponent for the Tribal Chief at WrestleMania 39.

"I respect him a lot, but God, what do you do with Randy [Orton]. He's the best worker in the company. He's coming back. He's not even mentioned in the WrestleMania process and he's never wrestled Roman [Reigns]. Not for the title. I mean, I'm pretty sure of that. Randy is going for #15 [World title], right?"