Vince Russo harshly criticizes WWE

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Vince Russo harshly criticizes WWE

Several times in the past the WWE has been the victim of strong attacks and criticisms for its choices regarding the superstars of Raw or SmackDown. One of the characters who has repeatedly attacked the Stanford company is writer Vince Russo, a former member of the creative team of Monday Night RAW.

Now the writer has spoken on Sportkeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW and has Triple H in his sights for the latest picks regarding the red show. Specifically, Russo criticized how the company handled Raw superstar Alexa Bliss this week.

That and not just with a few things the creative member's former team didn't like.

Vince Russo slams Raw

Vince Russo commented on some things about the show that he didn't like and said the show could have been run better.

Among other things, Vince criticized the decision to base part of the show at JBL's poker table, a situation he deemed excessive. Here are his words about it: "Looking at everything, I think they simply ran out of pairings to make matches.

Already last week we saw a top match that saw them protagonists, then they take out Elias before the episode starts and I don't understand why. A show based on two women's Triple Threat matches and everything else based on a card game.

Here I don't understand." Finally, Vince Russo did not like the use of JBL in these days, which has suddenly returned to the limelight. Vince Russo declared: "Guys, it doesn't make any sense to me. I don't know if JBL needs the money or something, maybe it just needs to get back in the limelight but I don't understand all this".

It has been a long time since JBL has returned to the ring and to be honest there has been no talk of him returning, but at the same time the fans have the slightest hope that this could happen." On Sportskeeda Wrestling's latest edition of Legion of RAW, former WWE writer Vince Russo was critical of Bliss' current character.

He thinks the 31-year-old has been going back and forth between being distant and being alert. "It's like it never happened, the last couple of weeks when she is just coming out, disconnected with no emotion, not paying attention.

That's not what she did this week. So who knows what they gonna have her do next week, bro. Stay tuned, there's your cliffhanger right there. Is Alexa Bliss going to be distant or is she going to be alert? That's the cliffhanger for next week," said Vince Russo.