WWE mentions Vince McMahon for the first time since his farewell

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WWE mentions Vince McMahon for the first time since his farewell

WWE was shocked a few months ago by the sensational news of the retirement of Vince McMahon, who preferred to take a step back after being overwhelmed by a series of heavy personal accusations. His role was taken over by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan as corporate CEOs, while Triple H was put in charge of the creative team.

Stephanie's husband retired from wrestling shortly before WrestleMania 38, not wanting to take any chances after undergoing major heart surgery in September 2021. The Game briefly appeared at the Showcase of the Immortals, greeting the WWE Universe and depositing his boots in the middle of the ring, as a sign of definitive retirement.

In addition to having had an outstanding career in the ring, Hunter has proven he can do great things backstage as well. The Cerebral Assassin was in fact the architect of the "NXT miracle", having personally contributed to making the Black and Gold brand a very valid alternative to the Raw and SmackDown shows, with his father-in-law who, however, fired all the his right-hand men in the third WWE brand, with the likes of Samoa Joe, William Regal and Road Dogg being fired overnight.

Vince McMahon was nominated

Since Vince McMahon's final departure from WWE, the former Chairman's name had never been mentioned or read anywhere, neither in the main roster shows, nor at NXT, nor in any company graphics or promos of his athletes.

After months, tonight a NXT reporter wanted to mention Vince's name, almost as if it had now become an unmentionable name. During the live broadcast of NXT, Booker T referred to Vince McMahon during one of the commentary phases of the show, causing fans to unleash online, who literally clogged up social media, commenting on it.

Booker T wanted to nominate Vince McMahon talking about the WWE bookers and naming Vince as one of the best bookers ever when it comes to the pro-wrestling world. But let's see what Booker T's comment sparked online, with fans writing the most disparate things after hearing the former Chairman's name come out of the WWE Hall of Famer's mouth.

Dutch Mantell believes Nick Khan might have played a significant role in Vince McMahon's retirement decision. "Well, I think that Nick Khan was inserted into the company, and I said this a long time ago. I think he was inserted there to get Vince out," said Dutch Mantell.

"Now, somehow, all these NDAs leaked from Titan Towers to the Wall Street Journal. Now, how did they get leaked? They had to leak from the inside, and I'm not accusing anybody; I want to make that clear."