Raw records a strange statistic

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Raw records a strange statistic

During the Monday Night Raw episode aired on Monday night, we should have seen a tag team match valid for the Undisputed WWE Tag team Championship currently held by the twin brothers The Usos, who should have put their belts up for grabs in a contest against Matt Riddle and Elias, as already made official a few days ago by WWE itself, through its social pages.

During the night, however, Solo Sikoa and the Bloodline thought it best to attack Elias in the backstage of the show, just before the live broadcast on the USA Network, not allowing the WWE Drifter to take part in the match.

Once the Elias case was filed, the Bloodline thought they had no more opponents, since Matt Riddle could not fight alone against the champions, but obviously they were wrong, since Riddle immediately found the replacement to insert in his titled match.

To take part in the titled match, Kevin Owens finally arrived, who has already been feuding for weeks with the Bloodline and who, however, did not snatch the couple titles from the Usos, losing his match with Riddle.

Raw's weird stat

Immediately after seeing the weekly episode of the WWE flagship show (Raw), the well-known Fightful Select podcast, obviously associated with the website of the same name, wanted to reveal some particular statistics of the last episode of the McMahon red show, revealing rather strange things that the fans did not imagine in the slightest.

After seeing Elias get knocked out by Bloodline, the well-known site confirmed how the two have skipped or canceled more matches as a couple, than they actually have since both started working together in the company's rings.

In their speech, the journalists of Fightful, in fact, stated: “Elias and Riddle now have more matches canceled or rescheduled than they have actually done together as a team. Furthermore, during Raw, there were 72 minutes of in-ring action this Monday." During a recent WWE press conference in Las Vegas for Crown Jewel, Triple H said Logan Paul has earned his respect.

"Logan was totally different. Logan was a guy that came in, talked to us about it, and as soon as we talked to him about doing something, man he started to put in the work... When I saw him in the ring for the first time, he blew my mind. I saw him do it again, after that blew my mind. This is the guy as I said earlier earned my respect."