Former WWE writer reflects on Seth Rollins

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Former WWE writer reflects on Seth Rollins

After making his name in Ring of Honor achieving great success and even becoming world champion of the federation, Seth Rollins then arrived in WWE in 2010. The former Tyler Black spent two years in Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT before landing on the main roster as part of The Shield alongside Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in 2012.

This started some stellar matches for him. Rollins began by winning several titles and also became a Grand Slam Champion after holding all four company crowns. He participated in Wrestling main events and also won an edition of the Royal Rumble in 2019.

Although the WWE title escaped from his hands in 2022, Seth Rollins remains one of the best in the federation so much so that he can never miss from the screens.

Vince Russo on Seth Rollins

However, despite his success, not everyone sees Seth Rollins as a special wrestler and a future legend.

Speaking on his podcast, Vince Russo said there's little that makes Rollins a special star: "If you're looking at Seth Rollins right now, we can tell he's not a bad athlete in fact but a future Hall Of Famer as so many say I don't think so.

If that's how baseball's Hall of Fame worked, everyone would be in. There has to be something special about him, and I don't see anything special about him. What's special about Seth Rollins, that's what you have to ask yourself first." Although there are several comments on the matter, AEW star Kenny Omega wanted to say nice words towards him.

The former AEW world champion has revealed that he thinks Seth Rollins will one day be a really great Hall of Famer. Heres' what Seth Rollins had to say about AJ Styles: "You know, AJ’s cool. I mentioned Rey’s longevity.

AJ is similar in that. He’s one of those guys too. Seems to get better like a fine wine, right. And he’s been such a mentor to me, over the years. I’ll tell you one quick story about AJ Styles. We were…this was when I was 19, 18 years old…we were on a show together and we wrestled.

First time I ever wrestled AJ Styles, we had a really great match. He gave me an awesome match in front of my hometown, friends, and, family. The next night we were on another show. The town was about a 5-hour drive. Maybe 6-hour drive away from where I was.

And obviously, AJ was a star, so obviously, the promoter got him a flight. My partner and I, we had driven. We were on the same show, we didn't interact on the show at all."