Will Bobby Lashley be punished by WWE?

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Will Bobby Lashley be punished by WWE?

During the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley was trying to hit Seth Rollins with his devastating Spear, but the former Shield member moved in time causing The All Mighty to take full on WWE executive Petey Williams.

The latter was down for several seconds and it is almost certain that Adam Pearce will severely punish Lashley. Williams is an Impact Wrestling legend, who has been working as a WWE backstage producer since earlier this year.

It's not uncommon for producers to be present on Raw or SmackDown, particularly during segments that escalate into brawls. In addition to him, producer Jamie Noble was also involved in the altercation between Lashley and Rollins.

Following Monday's brawl, WWE has announced that Bobby Lashley will face Seth Rollins next week. The winner of the match will presumably get a title shot to challenge United States Champion Austin Theory on the penultimate or last Raw of the year.

Update on Bobby Lashley's status

According to reports from 'Fightful Select', WWE has no plans to let Petey Williams return to the ring after this week's brawl. “Although he cashed a Spear, we haven't heard of any plans for Petey Williams to return to the ring.

However, Jamie Noble is expected to wrestle in a live event this weekend." Recently, Bobby Lashley reflected on his future in this business: “I am a very competitive and ambitious athlete. I train hard every single day and never back down from problems.

I'm in great shape and that's why I want to stay in this business as long as possible,” explained Lashley. “If one day I realize that I move more slowly or that I am no longer able to take certain blows, I will have no problem stepping aside” – he added.

Bobby also returned to the sensational farewell of Vince McMahon: “Vince has announced his retirement, but I doubt that he has completely walked away from wrestling. He's the reason I'm here today. I have the utmost respect for Vince and wish him the best." WWE's post about The Apex Preditor caught the attention of Bobby Lashley, who responded with words of praise.

In his reply, The Almighty referred to Orton as one of the best to ever do it and mentioned that he'd learned a lot from Randy in his wrestling career: "He’s one of the best to ever do it. Rarely makes a mistake and someone that a lot of people (myself included) can learn a lot from. Nothing but respect!" Lashley wrote.