Saraya on the departure of William Regal: "Us behind the scenes know why, and.."

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Saraya on the departure of William Regal: "Us behind the scenes know why, and.."

William Regal's departure to WWE is a hot topic these days, and many wrestlers have shared their opinion on it. Saraya also decided to react. Speaking to The Metro's Alistair McGeorge, Saraya confirmed that they are happy about it.

“Everyone has an opinion on that. The reality is, it doesn’t have anything to do with anything backstage, it’s to do with how he feels. Us behind the scenes know why, and we’re happy for him! Whether he’s going there or whatever, it doesn’t matter.

We’re just happy with whatever he wants to do with his life. He’s at the age where he can do whatever he wants to without the internet deep diving into it, or everyone saying this, that and the other about him. Who cares? Let him be happy!”- she said, as quoted by

Booker T and William Regal

Booker T also talked about Regal and his decision in an interview for the "Hall of Fame" podcast. “I understand exactly what William Regal perhaps may have felt, maybe, and I say that because a lot of people talk about AEW and people talk about the style AEW, people talking about the wrestling style, the in-ring, the out of ring antics, you know, the social media world that they live in, as well over there.

William Regal aint’ none of that. William Regal has never done one dive. William Regal has never done one thing where he had to throw caution to the wind. Not once. So William Regal, being in AEW watching that, I’m sure he’s wondering what the hell is going on and what has happened to the business that he grew up watching as well as being a part of.

Now I can be wrong. I can be 100% wrong, but he had to feel like he was on another damn planet being in that wrestling company”.