JBL tells a very funny anecdote

JBL was one of the most successful heel characters in modern WWE history

by Simone Brugnoli
JBL tells a very funny anecdote

Beginning his professional wrestling career in 1992, John Bradshaw Layfield, born JBL, appeared in Mexico, Japan and throughout Europe before signing with the WWF in 1995. After joining the Stamford company, l he Texan athlete recommended Vince McMahon to sign another wrestler who had made his name around Europe, it's Fit Finlay.

Finlay made his professional wrestling debut in 1974 and spent the next two decades performing all over the world. Wrestling for the Catch Wrestling Association in 1994, he ended up meeting JBL along the way.

JBL is a WWE legend

When JBL met with Vince McMahon to sign his deal with the WWF, the then-CEO asked him if there was anyone in Europe he should contact and bring in.

JBL himself recounted what he replied to Vince when the latter jokingly asked if he should have hired Finlay instead of him: “At the end of the meeting with Vince, he asked me if there was anyone talented that he should bring to WWE.

I replied that there was Fit Finlay. He then jokingly said to me: 'Well, if you were me, who would you sign?' and I answered honestly: 'I mean Finaly. It's really fantastic.' ” Despite the advice, Fit Finlay did not sign with the WWF, which later became WWE, until 2001 after his stint in WCW ended.

The Northern Irish star initially worked as a manager before returning to the ring in 2005. Over the next six years, Finlay won the United States title and also became famous for appearing alongside Hornswoggle. Finlay left WWE in 2011 before returning a year later in the footsteps of a producer.

He is recognized as one of the men who contributed the most to the women's revolution. Also recently, JBL returned to the WWE screens as manager of Baron Corbin. WWE Hall of Famer JBL looked back on his wrestling career recently, including some of the regrets that he had along the way.

“I wasn’t ready when I came into the WWE for a big-time run. I thought I was, but I was overwhelmed by the system and, you know because you’re a champion in different places and you’ve been successful in places you’ve been you think you can go up to the big stage and you’re automatically going to be a champion and be successful.

I had that run and right when I kind of figured the business out, my body gave out on me, and that’s the only regret I have”.