MVP shocked everyone on social media


MVP shocked everyone on social media

In the history of WWE, there are dozens and dozens of great managers who have helped the most diverse athletes become great legends, such as the late Bobby Heenan and Paul Bearer or Paul Heyman, Ted DiBiase, Sensational Sherri and many other well-known names in the WWE landscape and beyond.

One of the greatest managers of the moment, who still works on-screen on Monday Night Raw, alongside the Nigerian giant Omos and before that Bobby Lashley is MVP, acronym of Montel Vontavious Porter, who was also a great champion of United States in his first stint with the McMahon company in the early 2000s.

After returning to the rings at the 2020 Royal Rumble, it seemed that MVP could only have a match or two with WWE, only to finally retire, with his path with the company remaining stable, with his shadow now following several wrestlers since then, from Hurt Business to just Bobby Lashley, up to now Omos.

MVP surprised everyone

In the last few hours, MVP has literally left WWE Universe fans amazed, releasing very special comments on his social networks, relating to his possible murder or suicide. In fact, on his official Twitter profile, MVP wanted to talk about suicide and murder, alternating the two things and telling his fans that if they tell him that he committed suicide, it's certainly not true, but it's a cover for some murder that someone he committed.

On the contrary, however, it could be plausible that he was the one who killed someone. But let's see what MVP wrote on his page in the past few hours: "If anyone were to ever tell you that I committed murder, eehhh it might… If anyone ever tells you I committed suicide, launch an investigation because you were lied to.

Find out the coverage! In practice, according to the well-known WWE manager, it is much easier for him to kill someone, rather than himself. According to MVP during his interview, he had found out that WWE management was considering giving him a run with the World Championship for a time.

"There was a time, it was relayed to me by some of the writers who I had become friends with and people higher up on the chain, that there was talk about me having a world championship run. But there was a lot of hesitation because there were certain countries that wouldn't allow me in because of my violent felony past."

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