Matt Cardona on the main goal and 'talks' with WWE

"One goal that I’ve been saying for a long time is to win that.."

by Sead Dedovic
Matt Cardona on the main goal and 'talks' with WWE

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Matt Cardona talked about his goals in the coming period. Cardona is an optimist and believes that he will succeed. “I’ll put it out there. One goal that I’ve been saying for a long time is to win that WWE Championship.

That’s not a lie. I’d be lying to you right now. Listen, when I got released, the goal was not to get back to WWE. It wasn’t like, oh, what can I do to make them notice me? What can I do to get back to WWE? You can’t think like that.

I certainly can’t. But I would be lying if I said I never want to wrestle at Madison Square Garden again, or I never want to have a WrestleMania match. Of course I do, because WWE is number one. So not saying, you know there’s this, this plan to go back as soon as possible, but before I hang up the boots, I’d love to go back at least one time, for sure”.

- he said, as quoted by

Matt Cardona and WWE talks

Matt Cardona did not want to give a direct answer to the question; Did he have any contact with WWE? “Listen, I appreciate you asking me this, but here’s the truth.

Like, if I were to go back, I wouldn’t reveal it here, and if I wasn’t going back, I wouldn’t reveal it here because I want people talking. So the more they talk, you know, the more people are talking about Matt Cardona, the better for me.

I’m the internet champion, then now, and forever. So let them talk." Zack Ryder to Matt Cardona's transformation is a story in itself. “I mean, even at the very end, like the past couple years in WWE, I was trying to be a little more serious, you know, got in better shape, dropped the Woo Woo sh*t.

But like if you don’t get the time on television to showcase that, I mean, who really knows, right? So I think now, being my own boss, you know, I’m not signed to any company, I’ve refused contracts. I just want to be my own boss and selfishly, I don’t want to answer to anybody.

I’m having so much fun and it’s working. I love just being able to try things. All I’ve ever wanted was an opportunity to try and a lot of things that I’ve tried since being released have worked, some things that I’ve tried haven’t worked, and that’s just how it is. That’s how you learn, that’s how you grow”.

Matt Cardona