New details on Mandy Rose's contract


New details on Mandy Rose's contract
New details on Mandy Rose's contract

In the last few hours, there has been nothing but talk online about the case of Mandy Rose, the former NXT women's champion, with her reign far surpassing the year, who was fired by WWE for sharing videos, photos and private content on his personal paid channel, in which patrons were able to get their hands on this content, then sharing it online with all the rest of the WWE fans.

In these contents, obviously Mandy Rose was not dressed in the usual ring attire with which we met her in the WWE rings, with such attitudes that inevitably compromised her permanence in the company, with the management finding no other remedies other than the dismissal, after also making her lose the champion title, in the last weekly episode of NXT.

Now two factions have been born online: those who defend Mandy Rose and those who instead condemn her attitude, not because the girl is not free to do what she wants with her body, but for the simple fact of being a WWE Superstar and therefore being part of a company focused on entertainment for families and children, such behaviors are always to be censored/condemned.

New details on Mandy Rose

After the first WWE actions that seem to confirm the girl's exit from the NXT roster and the WWE brand, with her removal from the company's official website that sounds a lot like a confirmed goodbye, other news also arrives regarding the contract which remained for the girl to comply with the WWE.

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known Fightful Select, in fact: “Mandy Rose was one of several WWE talents who had recently signed a new contract, a five-year deal signed in 2019, meaning she still had at least two more years before being released or renewed.

There have been some inside WWE sources reporting that Mandy requested her release as early as two weeks ago, but we still have no indications as to whether those claims are true or not." In 2015, Mandy Rose participated in WWE's reality show Tough Enough.

Sonya Deville was also a competitor on the show. "I think it's obviously just rumors. Everyone can get different vibes from the way we are portrayed on TV. I feel like for my character too, it's a little bit more h*t bombshell, a little more s*xual too, so I think some of the things I do can be portrayed as that. But as of now, we are just going to have to wait and see..." Rose said.

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