Booker T on Mandy Rose's agent: He must be the dumbest agent


Booker T on Mandy Rose's agent: He must be the dumbest agent
Booker T on Mandy Rose's agent: He must be the dumbest agent

Mandy Rose's agent, Malki Kawa shocked many after he revealed how much Mandy Rose earns from the FanTime page. Namely, it is a figure of 500,000 dollars. One of the legends of WWE, Booker T could not be quit after hearing such comments, and decided to react; “You’ve got to have the dumbest agent in the world for him to be reporting how much money you’ve been making.

That makes no sense. Why don’t he put how much ‘Uncle Sam’ is taking out of it as well? You know what I mean? As well as what his cut is?”- he said, as quoted by Booker T can't understand why anyone would choose to speak publicly about this.

“She’s gonna have to do a whole lot of naked photos, okay? I’m just being right straight up, okay? ‘Fast’ money goes fast. I don’t get the allure or what’s the bait here other than it’s a naked woman and it’s a certain person.

It’s a lot of fixation in the world and again, this world we’re living in today. It’s a lot of followers, maybe that’s it”.

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Jim Cornette is one of those who reacted to Mandy Rose's release from WWE in his podcast.

“In all honesty, and by the way, I’m completely pro-porn. But if they’re supposed to be [PG], they can’t do Playboy anymore, right? Because they’re a PG company, the sponsors they don’t want [it].

So I haven’t seen the material so I don’t know whether it’s mild to wild or anything in between. But if the executives of the company that she works for said well she’s a featured person in NXT and she’s the champion and all this stuff but holy sh*t, if anybody sees and finds out”.

“You know, that’s the thing if they say Jesus Christ, you can’t, you know, have an aunt Fanny out there in front of God and everybody. Whether it’s a private or personal deal or not, or whatever. If it’s going to show up on the internet in some fashion, this is probably something you should have not done while representing us and we’re trying to do deals with Disney, then I understand that”.

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