Nikki Bella on Retiring For Good this Time

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Nikki Bella on Retiring For Good this Time

Some of our favorite WWE superstars retire prematurely or young. The superstars either do not wish to continue working for the WWE or they want to spend more time with their families. Some female superstars want to start a family and have to take time off or permanently retire if required.

The Bella Twins were one of the most famous WWE female superstars. The group consisted of Nikki Bella and Brie Bella. Individually, they feuded with some of the best female superstars of the WWE. They are also the main stars of the show called Total Bellas.

In one episode, they announced their retirement from professional wrestling. Nikki Bella spoke about going through the rough patch of her life. "When I came back to wrestle for WWE Evolution storyline, and we didn't get a chance to discuss it in detail on Total Bellas, but it was really hard on me because of having a breakup.

I felt like I went back way too soon, and every week I was so depressed and miserable, and every time I entered that arena I had to force a smile on my face," stated Nikki. "So, I am retired," stated Nikki. "I just feel like now is my time to see what I can grow Nikki Bellainto and where else she can go.

How far can she grow companies? I want Nikki Bella to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine and then 50 Cent can Facebook about that with a smile on his face."