Jim Ross makes a startling revelation

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Jim Ross makes a startling revelation
Jim Ross makes a startling revelation

One of the historic moments par excellence in the entire history of the WWF / E is certainly the one linked to the 1997 edition of the PPV of the Survivor Series of the McMahon company, where the well-known Montreal Screwjob was staged, where Bret Hart was literally stripped of the WWF World Champion title, despite having in fact never lost his match against Shawn Michaels, with the match referee calling the submission to HBK's Sharpshooter.

This sudden upheaval of programs, which forever changed the relationship between the Canadian and Vince McMahon, served WWE to ensure that The Hitman did not bring the most important title of the then WWF with him to WCW, after the athlete had already signed an agreement with the Turner family to enter the rings of the second most important company in America, then the main rival of the WWF.

For many, this was the beginning of the WWF's Attitude Era, which resulted in the McMahons' company winning the famous Monday Night Ratings War against WCW Monday Nitro, the WWF's main ratings opponent at the time. in the Monday Night War.

From then on, Vince McMahon also became one of the most popular characters of television tapings, starting a feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin that is still remembered as one of the best ever. In the latest installment of his personal Grilling JR, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, known for years as "The Voice" in WWE, having been one of the historical chroniclers of the McMahon company for years along with Jerry "The King" Lawler, he wanted to go back to talking about the subject 25 years after the events in Montreal.

Jim Ross is a WWE Hall of Famer

Regarding this fact that created a scandal all over the world, Jim Ross wanted to comment: "I hated that son of a bitch. If we never talk about it again (of Survivor Series ed), never again in my life, I would be really very happy...

Reliving it over and over again and Conrad and I, him showing the interviews of that time again. Me interviewing Vince McMahon and him then saying 'Bret screwed Bret' Well what were you thinking when you said that thing?” Jim Ross recently recalled how former WWE referee Billy Silverman quit the company after he was allegedly bullied during a flight.

“We had some guys on our roster that were kind of bullies and they were very competitive. I don’t know what motivated them. I think what motivated them is that they knew that Silverman was not going to fight back and he was being bullied, and that was wrong. Billy did a nice job as a referee, he always did, but that was unnecessary."

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