Kairi Speaks About Fighting Mayu Iwatani

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Kairi Speaks About Fighting Mayu Iwatani

Kairi is a former WWE wrestler and one of the most popular Japanese stars in the WWE at one point. She was part of the tag team with Asuka and their team was known as the Kabuki Warriors. They were managed by former WWE superstar, Paige.

Paige is currently working for Aew under the ring name Saraya.

Kairi Speaks About What Makes Mayu Iwatani Match So Special For Her

Kairi left the WWE to make her way back to Japan, her homeland. Over there, she is involved with multiple promotions.

Kairi fought famous Japanese star Mayu Iwatani in November. The match took place at NJPW/Stardom Historic X-Over. Kairi won the IWGP Women’s title that night and it was a full circle moment for both wrestlers, as both wrestlers started their careers in World Wonder Ring Stardom years ago.

Kairi spoke about an interview which made the match with Mayu Iwatani very special. "Back in the day, Mayu, Io Shirai, and myself were called the Three Daughters of STARDOM," KAIRI said. "Things were tough then, to the point that we had so few wrestlers, it was a given that you'd wrestle twice on the same card.

We were absolutely at rock bottom. After I left in 2017, I think Mayu had it in her head that she wanted to stand by STARDOM. I get that, and that's where those words come from, but it only helped to fire me up. This is a fight, and the more stubborn-minded we both were the better that fight would be." Kairi was known as Kairi Sane when she worked at the WWE.

Iwatani continued to be one of the top stars at Stardom while Kairi was working for the WWE. According to Kairi, the different paths that the wrestlers took have actually made them ideal opponents years later. "I think what the two of us had been through over the last five years is so completely different, and that really came through in the match," KAIRI said.

"We'd both leveled up so much to be where we were, on that stage. I can't speak for her, but that's how I felt." Kairi then spoke about whether they have actually ever interacted with each other afterwards. "We exchanged words in the ring, and a couple of texts afterwards," Kairi said.

"But I think we communicated enough in the ring, really. Certainly, that's where all those tears came from."