WWE wants Matt Cardona

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WWE wants Matt Cardona
WWE wants Matt Cardona

With the end of the year having just passed, Matt Cardona commented on his 2022 and apparently also teased the WWE Universe, hinting that he could make his return to the Stamford company during the Royal Rumble, all with a post about the social.

“2022…hands down…my favorite year of my career. This run was never about proving anyone wrong…it was about proving myself and my supporters right Now what am I going to do in 2023 that can surpass 2022?!

Leave your comments in 10... 9...8... 7...6... 5...4... 3...2...1…" The count written at the end of the message seems to be exactly what fans do together with the countdown when a new wrestler is about to enter the ring during the Royal Brawl, which we remind you that this year will be held on Saturday 28 January in San Antonio, in the state of Texas at the Alamodome.

Update on Matt Cardona

Recently speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Matt Cardona said, "A goal I've had for a long time is to take home the WWE Championship. That's no lie. I'd be lying to you right now if I didn't tell you this. When I was fired, the goal wasn't to go back to wwe but i would be lying to you if i said i would never want to wrestle in madison square garden again or i never want a match at wrestlemania again.of course i do, because wwe is number one as a federation." But he also adds that, as we already know from some reports in recent months, it seems that Triple H is strongly interested in bringing Cardona back to WWE, but not only that, because there has also been a lot of talk about getting his wife back, Chelsea Green.

who in her journey in Stamford was not very lucky, suffering several injuries in the most critical moments of her career in the ring and who recently made a move that suggests her return to WWE. On a recent episode of the WrestlingINC Daily podcast, Nick Hausman interviewed AEW star Matt Cardona.

"It's great that WWE [pressed on], and AEW said, 'OK, we're going to press on too, but we're going to show you how to do it.' So if you watch, WWE goes 'oh, hard cam's here [and] they have people in the crowd,' so AEW was ahead of the curve. They knew how to do it, and they did it so well."

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