Dave Bautista on John Cena and The Rock


Dave Bautista on John Cena and The Rock

Dave Bautista had an interesting interview with GQ. Bautista talked about the 'rivalry' he had with John Cena and the chances Cena was getting at the time. “John Cena and I were both headlining shows. “I was [the face of] SmackDown.

He was Raw. But he was being used in [WWE-produced] films and television commercials and magazines, and I was just headlining shows. In fact, there was one point where he was off making a film and I was headlining both sets of shows and the pay-per-views.

It was just a feeling of, ‘We’re not getting equal opportunities”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com. Bautista also recalled advice from Steve Austin. “Before I left WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin pulled me aside and said, ‘You’re going to get offers for horrible scripts.

The money will be tempting. Don’t get caught in that trap”.

Dave Bautista and The Rock

Dave Bautista is not a fan of being compared to The Rock. Dwayne Johnson has had a great career in Hollywood and has shown that he is versatile in his work.

Bautista has followed a similar path, but he still doesn't like it when he and The Rock are mentioned in the same context. Bautista is a man who always wants more. He doesn't let anything stop him on his way. “I never wanted to be the next Rock.

I just want to be a good f*cking actor. A respected actor,” Batista said. He continued, “I’m afraid of things. I’m nervous about things. But I can force myself to do things that make me uncomfortable, because I know I’m not gonna get anywhere if I don’t.

I may cringe after the fact, but I’m not going to let that fear hold me back”. He is the best example of how hard work leads to success.

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