Update on Vince McMahon Wanting to Return to WWE

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Update on Vince McMahon Wanting to Return to WWE

Many people believe that Vince McMahon would finally leave the WWE to Triple H, who many people believe is doing a better job at running the company than Vince McMahon, but he recently announced his plans to return to the WWE.

However, Vince returning to the WWE will have major implications.

Vince McMahon Reportely Trying to Return To the WWE and May Take Creative Control

Vince McMahon stepped down from his position of WWE Chairman in July 2022.

However, he still remaining a majority shareholder even after leaving the company. He displayed his power recently and he designated George Barrios, Michelle Wilson and himself seats on the board of directors. In order to regain his position back in the company, he only needs three other directors to step down and the board to approve his return.

Vince stated that he wishes to put the WWE on sale after he regains power. This is something that the current regime has shied away from doing. Due to this news, many WWE employees were left in the dark, as Fightful Select reported this.

Many talents actually found out about the news after it broken online, and not through any internal discussion within the company. Adding to this, many WWE talents were concerned about Vince McMahon actually taking creative control of the company, after he returns, as many people did not like Vince McMahon’s creative direction, and they are quite happy with Triple H leading the WWE.

A recently signed talent actually said they would be “blown away” if Vince McMahon was to take creative control of the company once again. In order to avoid a roster uproar, one talented noted that the current regime under Nick Khan, Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon might remain intact.

Many Aew stars that left the WWE to join AEW that were actually looking to go back into the WWE as it is now under Triple H might not want to now, if Vince McMahon returns. According to many reports, there was a negative reaction across all departments in the WWE.

However, others stated that they wouldn’t be concerned until they need to be when the time comes. Since Vince McMahon’s return announcement, the stock price of the WWE has raised by 11 percent. This would indicate that to please investors, the board members might actually want Vince to return, as for whatever reason, his name really helps the WWE generate a lot of money.

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