Stephanie McMahon on The Return of Vince McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon on The Return of Vince McMahon

Stephanie McMahon is currently working as the WWE Co-CEO and Chairwoman, and she recently spoke about the return of Vince McMahon to the WWE. Vince McMahon actually retired last year and left the company in the hands of Triple H, his son-in-law, and his daughter, Stephanie.

This was after an investigation was launched against Vince McMahon to look into some hush money that he allegedly paid to former employees. Of course, that investigation led nowhere.

Stephanie McMahon Tells Employees Not to Worry About Vince McMahon Returning

Recently, Stephanie told employees that Vince returning to the board of directors should not be a cause of concern for employees.

PWInsider reported on the recent meeting. According to Stephanie, Vince is simply returning as he would like to sell the WWE. This was speculated for a very long time. However, she also stated that selling the WWE will actually be great for the employees and the talents that are currently working for the WWE.

"So again thank you to all of you," Stephanie said to conclude the brief meeting. "This is an exciting time. It shouldn't be a scary time. It's an exciting time for WWE. Our founder is back on the board and is going to help lead this process [of a potential sale]." Nick Khan, WWE Co-CEO, stated that Vince returning to the board will have zero effect on how WWE is operating on a daily basis.

He stated that the current regime will remain intact, and Vince will not take creative control of the company, which is something that most WWE employees were actually concerned about. At the moment, Nick Khan and Stephanie Mcmahon are Co-CEOs.

Frank Riddick as CFO, Triple H as Chief Content Officer and Kevin Dunn as Executive Vice President of Television and Live Events. "In terms of the day-to-day of the company, nothing is changing, Khan said about Stephanie McMahon.

"Steph is in her role, I'm in my role, Frank's [Riddick] in his role, Paul [Levesque] is in his role, Kevin Dunn is in his role." Riddick spoke during the meeting about WWE going private or entering some kind of a joint venture agreement.

The company will be reviewing some strategic alternatives and the goal would be the maximum value for all the WWE shareholders. It has been reported that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund might be a possible bidder if Vince McMahon's company ever decides to sell.

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