Triple H wouldn't be disappointed with the stars returning to WWE

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Triple H wouldn't be disappointed with the stars returning to WWE

Former WWE CEO Vince Mcmahon left the Stamford-based federation last July following allegations of violence against some women. Since that time, Triple H has taken over the creative direction of the company and this has led to the re-hiring of many former wrestlers that his father-in-law had previously released.

In recent weeks, this topic has been the subject of heated debate.

Is Triple H disappointed?

Just a few weeks ago, a report from Wrestle Votes said that several returning WWE Superstars would fall short of Triple H's expectations during this summer's re-hiring spree.

however, that this is not true: "These rumors are not true because Triple H is absolutely not disappointed in anyone from the wrestlers returned to WWE. If there had been disappointment in him, he certainly would not have leaked it to anyone, at least not now and immediately in this way.

People often think badly but it's just fake news". Some fans may also be against the new direction of The Game and HHH himself has not hidden that everything could be even better. Triple H has been in the pro wrestling business long enough to understand that there will be ups and downs in his direction.

Although fans hoped to see him back in the ring for one last match, Hunter rejected the hypothesis not wanting to take any risks after the 14-time world champion put his boots down in the center of the ring at Wrestlemania 38 and enjoyed the standing ovations from the audience.

Furthermore, according to Dave Meltzer in one of his newsletters, even a WWE Hall Of Famer like D-Von Dudley would have risked being fired by Triple H due to a particular event. Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell recently sent a message to Chief Content Officer Triple H requesting a potential return with AEW star Jake Hager (fka Jack Swagger).

"I think that if @TripleH and @WWE creative booked Congress and the new Senate, at least it would take them a year to become corrupt. Which means we might get a year of true legislating. But I'd have to be in there somewhere, me and @RealJakeHager, to make sure.

Bastages," he wrote. "Guess who hired me? Triple H. I think it was his idea or Road Dogg's idea for Swagger to get a talker, a mouthpiece. I think Triple H was probably a main proponent of it, and I always appreciate him for that. I like Triple H, and I wish him the most success in the world," Mantell said.

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