Who could buy WWE after the return of Vince McMahon?

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Who could buy WWE after the return of Vince McMahon?

In the last few hours, the news of a possible return to the upper floors of WWE by Vince Mcmahon had resurfaced, with the former Chairman still holding most of the company's shares, which therefore makes him still the owner to all intents and purposes.

of the WWE. As reported again by the Wall Street Journal, an important newspaper that started the McMahon scandal, the former Chairman was plotting to return to power thanks to the support of some executives still loyal to him, to then sell the company.

After only a few hours, various official news emerged, including from the Stamford federation, which communicated to fans and shareholders how Vince McMahon is in fact back on the board of directors of the company that he himself contributed to becoming number one in the world, with the intention of capitalizing the sale of the same as much as possible.

New details on Vince McMahon

Obviously, immediately after the news of Vince McMahon's return to WWE on a permanent basis and after the rumor that the Chairman wants to sell his "creature" as soon as possible, the first names of the huge world companies that could have the economic power to buy WWE and above all that they are interested.

Thanks to a PW Insider journalist, we come to find out what they are, with the staff member of the well-known site reporting in the last few hours: "NBC Universal (which is owned by Comcast) has always been the most likely acquisition in my opinion.

In addition to having USA Network, they also have Peacock. They also have NBC, which could become the home of streaming PPVs and other special events, which would lead the networks to keep tabs on its programming. Furthermore, by buying WWE, he would have full control of the asset.

They could choose who to put in charge of everything and how to run everything. They would also be in control of what to air and how much to spend, building their own machine. FOX is also someone who might be interested in WWE, as well as Disney.

The buyer who seems to make the most sense is the one who could do the most with WWE, placing the product offered by the company on their market." Vince McMahon recently put out a press release stating that he wishes to return to WWE as Executive Chairman.

"Vince McMahon, the founder and controlling shareholder of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. ("WWE" or the "Company') (NYSE: WWE), announced today that he has taken necessary actions to position the Company to capitalize on a unique opportunity to maximize long-term value for all WWE shareholders."

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