*Spoiler* Sheamus and Drew McIntyre were attacked

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*Spoiler* Sheamus and Drew McIntyre were attacked

During the penultimate episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired last week, Sheamus had yet another match against Solo Sikoa, with the Street Champion who won his contest, obviously helped by the inevitable Bloodline. After the dispute, however, Solo decided to continue to rage on the Celtic Warrior, hitting him with a running hip attack, which has now become his trademark.

However, Drew McIntyre took care of rushing to save the Irishman, who knocked out the whole Bloodline with warheads and Claymore, and was then also helped by Butch and Ridge Holland, who intervened to save their leader. In theory, Drew was already scheduled for his return to Madison Square Garden in the last WWE house show on December 26, but the medical staff preferred to wait a few more days before getting the former WWE Champion back into the ring, making him recover the best since his injury.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre are attacked

During tonight's episode of WWE's blue show, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre attempted to snatch the belts from the undisputed tag team champions on the main roster, the Usos. Of course, it was the Bloodline twins who prevailed after a long and difficult battle, keeping their belts still at their sides.

When the show saw its cameras go off, however, there was a sensational attack from another team that had nothing to do with faces. Indeed, after seeing the conclusion of Smackdown, Ivar and Erik of the Viking Raiders carried out a real ambush on the two European athletes, attacking them from behind and then hitting them with their Ragnaroks, or the Vikings' Double Powerbomb.

Thus will begin another great tag team feud for the two former WWE world champions, with Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, the two inseparable friends for decades, who will continue their team commitment against the former NXT and main roster world tag team champions to Raw.

Ahead of BT Sport's launch party to celebrate the arrival of WWE, I spoke with Sheamus about a number of subjects. "It's something that's always in the back of your mind. It's no secret that I had a couple of issues physically, a few injuries, because it is physical what we do - and then my style as well, it trebles that, you know? There were a couple times when I thought, "Will I make it back in there?" Especially when I got a concussion in that match after Wrestlemania. But I used that time really well, I went to physiotherapy, went to boxing, kickboxing."

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