Backstage details on William Regal's future

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Backstage details on William Regal's future

Vince McMahon has officially returned to WWE following the news we've been reporting to you over the past couple of days. A new legal filing claims Vince McMahon is back on the WWE board of directors. Former WWE co-presidents Michelle Wilson and George Barrios are also now on the board at the behest of the former Chairman.

Executives Alan Wexler, Joellen Lyons Dillon and Jeffrey Speed have been removed from their positions, precisely to make way for the three returned to the WWE board of directors. The file proves that Vince made changes to WWE's bylaws to focus on media rights and company sales, which cannot be done without his approval.

The filing also includes the emails Vince sent to the board. Apparently, McMahon's intention was to regain total control of the federation that he helped create together with his father, over 40 years ago, with the transformation of WWwf into WWF, but the company's board has not accepted his return on a permanent basis and a sort of war within the federation would thus have arisen.

Two-time Intercontinental Champion William Regal signed with Aew earlier this year.

Update on William Regal's status

In the last week, the former General Manager of NXT, William Regal, who was fired last year precisely at the behest of Vince McMahon, along with other NXT executives, such as Road Dogg, Dave Kapoor or Samoa Joe, also returned to WWE for will of Triple H, who has always considered him one of his right-hand men at NXT.

Apparently, however, Vince McMahon would not have looked kindly on his son-in-law's move, thinking of counter-moves that have not yet been implemented, given that Triple H still has the same power as before. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, at the moment Regal shouldn't worry about his newly reassigned position, at least as long as Triple H is in creative control of WWE.

In fact, this is what the journalist spoke in his latest Observer newsletter: "The Regal situation is something everyone is talking about right now. I don't know if it (Vince McMahon's situation) will affect him. At the moment, Levesque will continue to have the exact same power." During the latest edition of Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 revealed what William Regal said after he made his AEW debut.

“When he went over to AEW, the word was, he said, ‘I immediately regret this decision, there’s very much a maturity issue here within management,’” EC3 said.

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