Former WWE star opens up on JBL

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Former WWE star opens up on JBL

JBL is unanimously recognized as one of the best heels of all time, thanks to his charisma and his innate ability to involve the public. About two months ago, John made his big TV comeback by appearing on Raw as Baron Corbin's new manager.

Even the former WWE manager, Dutch Mantell, admitted that he was very impressed by Bradshaw's return: “I think JBL and Baron Corbin will do great things together. JBL was a hugely successful heel and no one knows better than him how to capture the attention of fans.

He doesn't even have to try too hard to do it. If he walked into a bar and just looked around without saying a word, he'd still get everyone's attention." On the latest edition of the 'Table For 3' show, JBL recalled the last match of his extraordinary career, which took place at Wrestlemania 25 against Rey Mysterio.

It was 2009 and Bradshaw understood that his career had now come to an end, after several back problems.

René Duprée on JBL

Many will already know that in the last years of JBL's career in WWE there have been several problems between the former WWE Champion and some insiders, such as Mauro Ranallo.

For several months, in fact, Ranallo had also distanced himself from WWE due to the heavy teasing of the former champion, who behaved like a real bully towards the NXT reporter and the main roster. Apparently, JBL's behavior would not be a matter of the last few years, but would have been going on for decades in the company's backstage, so much so that there was already a resounding reaction from a former WWE employee.

That employee was Joey Styles, a very famous WWE reporter who also took care of dragging the roster of the reborn ECW in the mid-early 2000s. In an altercation between Styles and JBL backstage, the two even came to blows, with Styles literally putting KO the former WWE Champion with a punch, leaving him as I remember also a cut and a black eye.

This "curtain" was reconstructed by former WWE athlete René Duprée, who also stated in his Café de René: "Okay, I wasn't there but from what I heard he ended up sitting with his computer, never talking to anyone again.

Yeah, he was f**king embarrassed as a son of a bitch. Jesus, when I heard that, I was like, 'Wow, you've been put in your place', you know." ex WWE Champion, with a gesture of reaction that sooner or later would have happened to anyone, after such a treatment.