KiLynn King on Joining the WWE in Future

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KiLynn King on Joining the WWE in Future

KiLynn King is known for appearing at some Aew events, and she recently spoke about whether she will ever join the WWE. There is a huge number of professional wrestlers in the world right now. Only a few of them ever make it to the WWE, and even few get a chance to hold any title once they are in the WWE.

Although there are a number of promotions that can pay their wrestlers well, the WWE is still the best when it comes to paying. All Elite Wrestling is the only other promotion that wrestlers can join if they wish to be paid almost as much as the WWE pays.

However, AEW itself is going through a tough period and is definitely not getting the ratings that it needs to get to even come close to beating the WWE.

KiLynn King Will Join the WWE if She Gets the Chance

KiLynn appeared at the Casino Battle Royale at All Out 2021.

King is currently working for NWA, which is still a well-respected wrestling promotion. However, they are a shell of their former self and are nowhere near the AEW and WWE in terms of popularity. King is currently getting a huge push in NWA.

She recently appeared in Putting You Over podcast, where she spoke about joining the WWE. According to her, she will probably never be approached by the WWE to sign. This is mainly because she doesn’t have much to offer the WWE, as she believes, due to her age.

"I didn't mean that I never saw myself in WWE, I just didn't think that it was a possibility for me," KiLynn King explained. "I'm in my 30s. I'm 31, almost 32. And [with] all of the rumors about what they accept and what they want, you're like 'OK, I know I'm a good worker, I know I'm a good performer, but if they're very strict about that, then maybe that's where I'm not meant to end up.'

Work is work. Exposure is exposure. And WWE has been around for a long-ass time for a reason. So of course I'd like to end up in WWE, that would be very cool. I'm just not sure if that's ever gonna happen, just because I waited as long as I did to get into wrestling.

I missed what they consider the prime years. I think I'm doing pretty good for my 30s, but whatever. And I love the female talent that they're bringing in right now. I really think that, across all brands, I really think that some of their women are reshaping their division and it's really cool to watch."