Bruce Prichard Reveals Names of Stars That Won’t Enter HOF

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Bruce Prichard Reveals Names of Stars That Won’t Enter HOF

Bruce Prichard is currently the WWE Senior Vice President, and he recently spoke about the talents that he believes will never enter the Hall of Fame. Of course, not everybody that joins the WWE will ever get to enter the Hall of Fame.

In fact, there are very few wrestlers in the world that have entered the WWE Hall of Fame in the past. Those that do have done something incredible for the WWE or for the professional wrestling industry usually. For example, WCW star, Sting got into the WWE Hall of Fame, even though he did not have a very long WWE career.

Bruce Prichard Talks About Stars That Won't Enter the Hall of Fame

On the Something to Wrestle podcast, Bruce spoke about Nailz when he was asked about him. "That may be one of those 'nevers,'" he said. "I don't know that Nailz had a Hall of Fame career really anywhere.

I don't think he was in the business long enough to do that." Nailz actually switched his persona a few times. He first started his career as Thor, and then started wrestling under the ring name Kevin Kelly. When he signed with WWE, he joined as Nailz.

He was billed as an ex-convict. His best feud or most remembered feud in the WWE was with the Big Show in 1992. He actually left the WWE after having a real-life fight with Vince Mcmahon by the end of 1992. "He wasn't around long enough to really have to have a career that people go, 'Hey, man, remember that?'" Prichard added.

The second person mentioned during the podcast was Shane Douglas. According to him, the only reason why Shane would probably not enter the Hall of Fame would due to the fact that fans only had negative opinions about him. "People like to knock Shane for various reasons," Bruce Prichard continued.

"One of them being the trashing of the NWA Title and making ECW. Well, I kind of look at it like what Shawn Michaels did with Bret [Hart]; that was something that Shane did to have a job and that was something to promote a new company.

I respect that. I thought, 'Okay. that took balls to do that because it's not a very popular thing to do.' And he did it."

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