Grayon Waller: I want a match with Cody Rhodes

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Grayon Waller: I want a match with Cody Rhodes

Grayson Weller talked to Steve Fall's Ten Count about the expectations for the match against Bron Breaker. He considers it one of the greatest matches. “This is hands down the biggest match I’ve ever had and I’ve had some big ones,” Waller said.

“I was in WarGames. I got to wrestle Aj Styles. Stand and Deliver Ladder match. Apollo Crews. I’ve had a lot of big ones, but this is as big as it gets. This is the NXT Championship. This is the biggest prize and you can think of some of the guys who have held this championship, like there’s a lot of lineage to it”.

- he said, as quoted by

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is his dream opponent. Waller isn't afraid of anyone at this point. “The number one guy for me right now is Cody Rhodes. I know he’s hurt right now, but he works out like a demon, and I’m sure he’s ready to go before people know.

I want to see him come back down here. His dad built this place, right? This is his dad’s house. Come visit. This is my house now. I moved in. Knock on the door. I’ll open the door for you, wipe your feet, come into my house, and let’s see if you still got it after that injury”.

Shawn Michaels showed tremendous confidence in him. He gave him an opportunity which Waller took full advantage of. “Me and Shawn have a great relationship. I think Shawn has full trust in me. Shawn gave me opportunities before anyone else would have.

You know, I got things like WarGames and the match with AJ. No one thought I deserved this position. Everyone online was like, ‘Who is this? Who is this’, and Shawn knew how good I was. Shawn has seen me. Shawn knew that I had the potential and we had a conversation one day.

I remember I wrestled Roderick Strong for the Cruiserweight title, my first proper match on NXT. I went out and I killed it, because that’s what I do. Like, of course I did. I came backstage and I said to him, and I don’t even remember saying it, and I said to him,’ If you give me the ball, I’ll run with it.’ About six months later, he reminded me of that conversation and he said to me, ‘I gave you the ball, and you’re doing what you said you would do.’ So we have a great relationship.

It is a business relationship. I know I can go to him with anything. As you said, he is the GOAT. I’ll admit that, but I’m not a fan anymore, either. You know, I’m a work colleague. I’m someone that, you know, he’s my boss.

But Shawn knows how good I am and I know how good Shawn is. So if you’re gonna go to anyone for advice, that’s the man right there”.

Cody Rhodes