Matt Hardy on Sasha Banks and her new debut

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Matt Hardy on Sasha Banks and her new debut

The “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast was a great opportunity for Matt to talk about Sasha Banks and her New Japan Pro-Wrestling debut. Banks is now under the new name 'Mercedes Mone' Hardy thinks that Banks has done a great thing and that she has shown that she is not afraid of change.

We will see how Sasha manages in the new environment. Considering her qualities, no one doubts that she will present herself in the right light.

Sasha Banks

“I mean, good for her. Sasha, Mercedes, she really bet on herself and it’s hard for me not to appreciate that, because I’m one of those guys too, where I feel like, and Vince always knew that too, like, I didn’t have to be in WWE.

I’m not afraid to step out of Alexandria, you know, a safe zone. I kind of compare Alexandria from The Walking Dead to WWE. If you stay inside and you have these walls, you’re gonna have a nice life, and it’s safe and it’s easy, and you can make decent money and it’s good, but you can go outside those walls and you can survive on your own, but you have to hustle.

You definitely have to hustle. So I have huge respect for anyone who is willing to leave WWE and go out and hustle on their own. I think Mercedes is killing it. She’s doing a great job at keeping herself relevant, keeping herself in the conversations, being a huge talking point in the wrestling business, and showing up at New Japan and doing what she did.

It was a big, big deal”. - he said, as quoted by There has been a lot of talk about her situation in recent months. Sasha made a decision that she thinks is the best for her and we hope she will use it.

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