Deona Purrazzo: This is the best version of the Knockouts Division

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Deona Purrazzo: This is the best version of the Knockouts Division

Deonna Purrazzo spoke to The Miami Herald. One of the topics was the Knockouts Division. Purrazzo thinks this is the best Knockouts Division so far. She gave reasons for this; “This is gonna get criticism, but I think this is the best version of the Knockouts Division [laughs].

Not only because I am the head of it. I think that we have so much diversity, we have so many people that bring so many different attributes to the table. Everyone is unique in how they look and how they dress and how they present themselves.

On top of that, we’re getting pay-per-view main events. We’re getting TV main events consistently, whether it’s singles matches or tag team matches. I can only speak for myself, but I’ve done that seven or eight times [in 2022].

So I think we’re continuing to get a bigger and bigger platform as the years go on from IMPACT management, from Scott D’Amore, and I’m just really proud of all the work we’ve done for women’s wrestling and continue to do and will do in the new year”.

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Deonna Purrazzo on Gisela Shaw

Deona has high expectations from Gisela Shaw and believes that she will show her qualities in the right way. “I’m so excited to see what Gisele does in the new year.

I think she’s an incredible, crazy athlete, and I think that we’ve only kind of scratched the surface in what we’ve seen her be able to do. She’s mot had too many singles matches. She was tagging a little bit with me and Chelsea, and that didn’t work out, but I think that once she finds her footing as a singles competitor, she’s gonna blow the roof off the place with what she can do and her athleticism. So I’m really excited for her”.