Ric Flair On Wrestling Industry Being Insensitive

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Ric Flair On Wrestling Industry Being Insensitive

Ric Flair is a WWE Hall of Famer, and he recently suggested that the wrestling industry is very insensitive. Ric is a WWE Hall of Famer, and he was at one time the most popular professional wrestler in the world. Ric has spent nearly half of a century of his life in the wrestling industry and he knows more than most people in the world about how the industry operates.

Ric Flair Talks About How Insensitive the Wrestling Business Industry Is

Flair was amazed by how the NFL handled Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. The cardiac arrest happened during Monday Night Football on the 2nd of January.

The league called the game off after Damar’s cardiac arrest. Ric believes that the wrestling industry would never call off a show if faced with something similar. "The other night we witnessed a real tragedy with a football player, and the NFL made the most awesome call I've ever seen watching the NFL," Flair said.

"They stopped the game .. and they actually gave that young man so much respect and his family, and they made themselves look good. In our business, when guys are jumping off a goddamn top rope on tables, ladders, chairs, somebody gets hurt, and the show goes on.

It's the most insensitive business in the world." The insensitivity that Ric is speaking about was on full display during Owen Hart’s failed stunt. Owen Hart actually died when that stunt failed, during a pay-per-view event.

Even though the WWE knew that Owen had died, they decided to continue the show. That actually attracted a huge amount of controversy. The WWE was under fire for a very long time, and Vince Mcmahon was considered a ruthless businessman then, and fans started hating him in real life.

According to Ric, the wrestling executives are not the people that should be blamed. He simply stated that it is how the wrestling industry operates. He himself stated that he was the center of this once as well. He stated that he was actually trying to unionize a walkout once, but that never happened as people feared that they will lose their jobs.

"We would've been replaced, number one. Then blackballed, number two," Ric Flair said. "Don't think you can't be replaced. Everybody could be replaced. It's our own fault we don't have that. But I mean, it's not one person that makes these decisions. We have ourselves to blame for it."

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