Bayley Celebrates 10 Years with The WWE

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Bayley Celebrates 10 Years with The WWE

Bayley is one of WWE’s most popular WWE superstars and she recently celebrated her 10 years with the WWE. This is major milestone for any wrestler. First of all, there are thousands of wrestlers in the world. Only a small number of them get signed by the WWE.

Also, most wrestlers do not get pushed in the WWE and leave the WWE without winning a single title. Bayley, on the other hand has won a huge number of title in the WWE.

Bayley Reaches a Huge Milestone That Only a Handful Wrestlers Ever Reach

The former Smackdown Women’s Champion recently tweeted the following: "Today marks 10 years that I've officially been a part of @WWE.

A DECADE Grateful. Proud. Not Done. Thank you." Bayley made her first television appearance for the WWE in February 2013. the actually started at WWE NXT, and fought some of NXT’s best women at that time. She eventually made it to the main roster in only 3 years.

She was the surprise partner of Sasha Banks during the 2016 Battleground Pay-per-view. She made her RAW debut the same year on the 22nd of August. Bayley was part of the first ever women’s Iron Woman Match. She fought Sasha Banks at NXT Takeover: Respect 2015.

She was also part of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match in 2018. She has been associated with Sasha Banks for a very long time, and Sasha Banks is not part of the WWE anymore. In 2019, she and Sasha Banks won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at the Elimination Chamber event that took place.

They were the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Titles. They fought the team of Tamina and Nia Jax, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, Carmella and Naomi, and Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. They were considered the best female superstars at that time.

Bayley recently fought on the 19th of December during a RAW show. She actually managed to defeat Becky Lynch, who still many consider to be one of the greatest superstars that the WWE has right now. Currently Bayley is part of the WWE faction called Damage CTRL.

She is actually their leader. Although Bayley started her career as a babyface, she eventually became a heel wrestler and she is actually liked more as a heel than she was a babyface.