New details on Uncle Howdy's status

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New details on Uncle Howdy's status

In the last few weeks we have seen Uncle Howdy really come to life, a character who has become part of the life of the WWE Universe since the return of Bray Wyatt and who has now also made some appearances in the flesh and no longer just in video, attacking even once the ex Fiend, in a segment produced by a special person, in fact the news emerged that to help the creative team to create the segment with the three characters of the blue show, namely Howdy, Wyatt and LA Knight, would be one of Triple H's right-hand men also arrived, namely Road Dogg, his partner also of D-Generation X.

Obviously there has been a lot of speculation about who it could be, with many fans who are convinced it is the brother of Bray Wyatt, or Bo Dallas, even managing to send the wrestler in Twitter trends a few weeks ago, but there is still a lot of mystery around to this character, and to confirm it a famous newspaper in the environment thought about it.

Update on Uncle Howdy

Fightful Select reported that WWE is holding tight to Uncle Howdy's true identity. In fact, the person who plays this strange and dangerous character would be a person who remains in kayfabe even backstage, not allowing anyone to see him, keeping his clothes and mask until he is in a safe place to change, so no one he still saw her face.

“Whoever Uncle Howdy is, WWE is keeping this secret tight. Fightful has repeatedly inquired about who is playing the gimmick of this Bray Wyatt-connected character. she takes it off behind the scenes in front of other people to reveal herself,” these are the specific words of Fightful.

Continue to follow us on our website and also on our social networks Facebook and Instagram to not miss the news on Bray Wyatt and the whole world of wrestling. Former Universal Champion Bray Wyatt received some harsh words from LA Knight ahead of WWE SmackDown and their clash at the Royal Rumble 2023.

"Thank you for the limited return of your Pitch Black flavor, the very inspiration for this match at the Royal Rumble, because now you've allowed me the great opportunity to show Bray Wyatt as the shortest WWE return in history.

One match in, one match out, never seeing him again," La Knight asserted. It remains to be seen how he'll fare at the premium live event.

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